The past and present unbreakably connected to a feast of history and nature. A picturesque village with rich background and intoxicating scents, orange trees, blessed olives and a tranquil beauty that calms your soul and invites you to meet it. As you enter the village on the right, you are welcomed by "Golden Mycenae". In our shop you will not find an impersonal cold and modern building which is not our character or goal, but the feeling of a family atmosphere that has its  roots deep in the history of this place. Our grandparents actively participated in excavations at the archaeological site. Parents, relatives and ourselves had as a youthful game the experience and discovery of "treasures" and broken vases. Game and love for the place were transformed into living. Each of our artifacts is chosen with great care over this philosophy. Genuine replicas of vases, figurines and other finds of the Mycenae archaeological site, mainly handmade, decorate our place with a fragrance from Golden Mycenae and the wider region.
For you, we have created a valuable treasure made from the "golden garden" of the Mycenae nature, pure local products and sweets (orange, pergamum, eggplant). We are waiting for you to get to know the treasures of Golden Mycenae with our unique atmosphere of family warmth and hospitality, in an effort to carry on with respect and true love for our traditions and inheritance.

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Golden Mycenae


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